Asbestos Removal in Maryland – What You Need to Know

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Can you remove carpet from asbestos tile?

Asbestos Testing – It is important to have a professional asbestos testing company that is licensed by the EPA and can accurately identify whether your materials contain asbestos. This will give you the peace of mind that your building is free of asbestos and allow you to make informed decisions about what to do next.

Protocol Development & Compliance – It is also very important to have the proper protocol developed and in compliance with local, state and federal laws. It will ensure that the property owner and workers are protected from any unnecessary liability.

Permits & Licenses – If you’re doing any work on friable asbestos (easily crumbled) in a building, you must obtain a license from the Maryland Department of Environmental Quality. You must complete a NESHAP application, submit an asbestos work notification/authorization form and pay the appropriate permit fee.

School System Asbestos – All school systems are required by law to have their asbestos materials identified and tracked. MDE also provides technical assistance and compliance inspections for these schools.

Maintenance Employees – If maintenance employees are doing any asbestos related projects in their buildings, they must complete an ASBESTOS WORK NOTIFICATION/AUTHORIZATION form and submit it to the Environmental Office. MDE verifies the submitted information and approves the work if it can be completed safely.