The Best CBD Strains For Medicinal Marijuana

CBD Strains

If you are interested in incorporating CBD into your cannabis consumption, there are many different strains available that can provide you with the benefits of both. URL

Strains that contain a high level of CBD are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. These weed varieties do not provide the psychoactive effects associated with THC, and they are said to be beneficial for people suffering from anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia, and more.

Some strains are even able to relieve chronic pain without making you feel sleepy or paranoid. The best way to find out which strains are suited for you is to talk to your local budtender.

There are also some strains that offer a good balance between THC and CBD, which are ideal for those looking to treat pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, or anxiety while getting a softer buzz. Here are a few of the most popular CBD-rich weed strains that have made waves in the world of medicinal cannabis:

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This sativa-dominant hybrid brew offers a well-rounded blend of THC and CBD, which makes it a great choice for those new to marijuana. It also delivers a subtle sense of euphoria that isn’t overpowering and helps users feel focused and productive.


While this strain is considered one of the highest THC cannabis strains on the market, its CBD content is enough to mellow out the psychotropic effects of THC, which makes it an excellent option for those looking to treat stress and anxiety. It also delivers a clear-headed high that is both uplifting and relaxing, which can be helpful for those who suffer from conditions like PTSD.