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October 18, 2023 - Zume Life

How to Stop Spam Instagram Messages

Instagram is a loveable platform for displaying snappy photos and editing videos, but sadly it’s not immune from the spammers. You don’t even need to have a public account for unwanted people to slide into your inbox, making Instagram a less-lovable experience. But after two months of testing, Instagram has finally rolled out an important change to combat this spam.

Can you stop spam bots

Almost every Instagram user has had an encounter with spam on the platform. While a spam comment can seem harmless and unnoticeable, it’s a nuisance that could damage your engagement metrics. Spam instagram messages are usually out of context, and most times, they contain fishy links that could lead to phishing or scams. They also damage organic reach for accounts by artificially raising impressions and engagement.

Spam messages are a serious issue for both personal and business accounts. They can trick users into opening suspicious links, which could potentially lead to identity theft or financial fraud. It’s especially dangerous for small businesses that use Instagram to promote their products. Scammers are adept at masquerading as tech support and claiming that they’re helping you fix a problem.

If you’re an Instagram user who suffers from spam messages, online educator Vix Meldrew advises going to your settings and changing the option to allow only your friends to add you to groups. You can also opt to block accounts to prevent them from messaging you. Lastly, you can always report a message or an account if you find one suspicious.