What Are E Liquids?

e liquids

Vape Jucce are the e-cigarette’s core element, the fluid that contains flavour and nicotine (optional) and is vaporised by the e cigarette to produce the vapour you inhale. They also contain a number of additional ingredients such as flavourings and colourants, which give the e cigarette its distinctive taste and appearance. They are often known by other names such as vape juice, e-juice or mod juice but they all mean the same thing.

There are many different types of e liquids on the market to cater for individual preferences and vaping styles. These can vary in their ratio of PG to VG, but also the inclusion of nic salts or shortfills.

Elevate Your Vaping Experience: Unveiling the Diversity of Flavors in E-Liquids

The two main ingredients in e-liquids are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine (also known as glycerol). Both are food-grade approved and non-toxic, and function as carrier substances for other flavourings and nicotine to bind to when vaporised.

Several flavouring chemicals are harmful to the body in certain concentrations, but these are typically not present in e liquids at their normal use concentrations. Nevertheless, the cytotoxicity of some of these chemicals was found to be significant in experiments conducted on human monocytic cell lines such as MM6 and U937. These experiments found that CAD, O-vanillin and pentanedione all induced significant ROS production by these cells whilst acetoin, diacetyl, maltol, and coumarin did not induce toxicity at the concentrations assayed.

When choosing an e liquid it’s important to remember that the product is intended for adult use only, and the risk of harm to children from unsupervised access to this product is very real. This can include the accidental ingestion of the e liquid, or the inhalation of the e liquid aerosol if a spill occurs. For this reason, it is recommended that all e liquid products are stored safely out of the reach of children, in child resistant packaging.