Artistic Mens Earings Variety

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Artistic Mens Earings Variety

Artistic Mens Earings Variety  once scoffed at as an accessory for women or punk rockstars only, are rapidly gaining popularity among men. Thanks to celebrity heavyweights like Harry Styles and Will Smith, who have embraced gender-neutral style, the men’s earring trend is here to stay. Whether you want to look sophisticated or edgy, these versatile and stylish accessories are sure to add a touch of intrigue to your overall look.

Making Noise in Fashion: The Power of Men’s Earrings as a Statement Piece

From simple studs to bold hoop earrings, there’s a style for every man. Those with a more relaxed aesthetic will love the minimalist Scandinavian designs by All Blues, who offer a wide range of studs and hoops that have captivating geometric shapes. Founded by two old friends, the label is based in Stockholm and works with a third generation foundry to ensure each piece is expertly cast.

More edgy types may gravitate towards the taper earring, which looks a bit like a tunnel or plug. The style can be functional or fashionable, and there are plenty of options for a more subtle look, such as curved tapers or simple loops. For those who wish to go all out, there’s also the option of a more elaborate shape, such as anchors or hooks.

For a truly unique and bold look, try a pair of men’s diamond hoops. While the classic clear and white varieties are widely available, if you have a more adventurous style, there are also black and blue diamonds to choose from. For a more masculine take on the trend, there’s the Florentine-based brand Emanuele Bicocchi. His men’s designs feature skulls and crosses, reminiscent of the city of his birth.

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