CBD Relief Stick 1000mg – Find Relief on the Go

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Athletes, jet-setters, and everyday busy people alike can find relief on the go with this powerful cbd relief stick 1000mg topical. The cbd relief stick 1000mg combines the soothing benefits of broad spectrum hemp-derived CBD with the cooling sensation of menthol in a convenient, portable application perfect for finding targeted relief where you need it most.

Our potent formula of 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD and Wintergreen, Eucalyptus + Arnica Essential Oils creates a powerful combination designed to help ease your aching joints and muscles. The convenient roll-on stick is easy to apply and the quick cooling feeling soothes sore muscles and joints instantly.

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The addition of menthol adds a tingling, cooling effect that helps interrupt the perception of pain and discomfort by delivering a mentholated massage. Our proprietary blend of ingredients also includes shea butter, aloe, and other botanical oils to nourish your skin.

Using the cbd relief stick is as simple as unrolling, applying to the desired area, and massaging until absorbed. It is the fastest and most effective way to get a targeted dose of CBD, and the convenience factor makes it easy to take with you anywhere.

This product contains no THC and is safe for all legal uses.

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