Choosing 1000 Thread Count Sheets

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1000 thread count sheets

When it comes to 1000 thread count sheets, thread count is one of the first criteria many shoppers look at. While higher thread counts can feel softer to the touch and look nicer on your bed, it’s important to know that thread count isn’t the best indicator of quality. Many factors influence the quality of sheets, including fabric, weave type and dyes. To help you find the right set for your home, we’re pulling back the curtain on this elusive figure and sharing some tips that will give you an edge when shopping.

When determining the quality of a sheet set, it’s also crucial to consider the ply of the fabric. Ply refers to how many yarns are twisted together to make each thread, and fabrics can be either single or two-ply. Jacob Andsager, founder of The Modern Dane, explains that a high thread count doesn’t necessarily mean a better-quality sheet if the fabric is made from two-ply threads, which are thicker than single-ply threads and therefore have less stretch.

Luxury at its Finest: Exploring the Allure of 1000 Thread Count Sheets

When it comes to the most luxurious and softest sheets, we recommend looking for a set that has at least 400 warp threads per square inch combined with 400 weft threads. This will give you a smooth and durable sheet that will last longer than lower-quality options. We found a few brands that make beautiful 1000 thread count sheets in a wide variety of colors and sizes, including this set from REB. This striped set features a fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillowcases and has a breathable cotton blend that’s both durable and silky to the touch.

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