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Creating a Signature Fragrance

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Scent is a geurbeleving for memories, emotions and feelings. It’s also a key element in evoking an experience, brand recognition and loyalty. Whether it’s the scent of fresh baked bread wafting through the doors of a bakery or a floral aroma that evokes feelings of joy at an amusement park, a carefully crafted fragrance can enhance the customer journey and inspire positive consumer behavior.

Creating a Signature Fragrance

As you search for your signature scent, explore your options using the perfume samples provided to help you identify what smells good on you. Keep in mind that a perfume’s scent evolves and develops over time. The top notes appear right away, followed by the heart and base notes, which can take a little while to reveal themselves. Familiarizing yourself with fragrance families (like floral, oriental and woody) and understanding a perfume’s note structure can help you narrow down your choices.

A study from Odeuropa has found that scents are a part of our cultural heritage. In the future, researchers hope to build an encyclopedia of smells to ensure that these intangible pieces of history are not lost. While many of these scents are being lost due to climate change, companies can use their resources to create a fragrance that is consistent and authentic. This can enhance the customer experience and foster an emotional connection, increasing brand loyalty and conversion.

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