Fort Wayne Drone Services

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Fort Wayne drone services

The Fort Wayne Police Department has begun using drone services for emergencies. Fort Wayne drone services get you the Air Support Unit was first formed in 2017, consisting of two licensed pilots and two hostage negotiators. This unit is expected to grow this year, adding one full-time officer to assist with drone maintenance and budget management. The group also offers training to local law enforcement officers.

Full-time Officer To Assist With Drone Maintenance And Budget Management

Commercial real estate is another area where drone services are invaluable. Aerial videography allows potential buyers to examine the details of a property from a new perspective. As a result, aerial videography eliminates the need for potential buyers to make a risky decision. Drone footage can be used by real estate investors to understand how much a property is worth without spending time or money on it.

While the rules surrounding the use of drones vary by type, operators must abide by the city’s drone ordinance to operate safely in the city. These ordinances require operators to follow all Indiana laws and FAA regulations. Drone operations are also restricted near airports, hospitals with helipads, military installations, and any other area where aircraft is prohibited.

For businesses and individuals looking for drone services in Fort Wayne, there are several options. Flex Air, for example, offers lessons for commercial drone flying and can even help individuals obtain commercial drone licenses. Its drone services can also help individuals grow as professionals, by increasing their knowledge and understanding of UAVs.

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