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Reclaim your Life with Zume Life
If you have a chronic illness, Zume Life frees you to live your life by making self-care activities easier.

Make your life easier today:
– Get timely reminders for all your health activities
– Easily record everything you need to track

Improve your health over time:
– Observe patterns and trends in your health
– Share easily with your caregivers

We are not accepting new customers. This is temporary while we revamp our software.

Reclaim Your Life

If you have a chronic illness, or several, you know that taking care of yourself takes a lot of time and attention. Everyday you have to remember to take many medications and supplements, make various measurements, and do appropriate exercises. You also have to record all of these activities, as well as your diet, moods, and symptoms. This can be a logistical nightmare, which becomes nearly impossible if you are also working, raising children and taking care of other family members.

Zume Life makes it easy to remember and record all of your day-to-day health activities, enabling you to devote less energy to care and more to living.

Zume Life Service

The service includes a “Zuri” iPhone application and a website.

Zuri helps you to remember and record all your daily health activities and your ongoing health condition.

The website helps you review the patterns and trends of your health, and to respond appropriately to changes.

Everyday Illness

Watch this brief video to see how three families live with chronic illness, and how Zume Life helps them.