How to Get the Best Cabin Crew Safety Training

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When you’re training to become a best cabin crew safety training, you will learn everything about safety and emergency procedures and different aircraft types. You will also learn first aid, fire training and crew resource management. This is all very important. However, there are other skills and knowledge that will help you work more effectively on board.

What is the rank of aviation safety?

For example, flight attendants are trained in how to spot drunk passengers and what to do about it. They’re taught the green, amber and red codes (green is happy sociable passenger; amber means they’re slurring their speech) that can be used to signal if a passenger needs assistance.

Another very important skill is the ability to communicate clearly with passengers, particularly in an emergency situation. This includes being able to explain complex issues, such as blocked exit procedures, in a way that everyone can understand. It’s also essential to be able to respond quickly and calmly to any passenger queries, for instance about the safety of turbulence.

Other important skills include the ability to work well as part of a team and being able to think on your feet. For example, a crew member may need to improvise to deal with an inflight medical emergency such as a passenger experiencing severe shock. This might involve putting a blanket over the head or performing chest compressions to breathe for a victim until help can arrive. Similarly, a crew member could need to use the cabin’s oxygen system to save a person’s life.

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