Is Web Design Dead?

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is web design dead

There’s been much debate about whether web design is dead. Many people believe that it is, while others say that it isn’t. In fact, Google’s latest changes to its search results mean that it now displays actual content, such as a restaurant’s phone number and address. And while the ego of the website designer may take a hit, the process of creating a website still stands. And there’s no reason to think that it won’t change. More info –

How To Learn Is Web Design Dead?

Despite “experts” claiming that web design is dead, the fact is that web designers continue to create beautiful websites, develop proposals and take on new clients. These experts don’t understand the nature of the field and are confused by the two different concepts of death and metamorphosis. It’s no wonder that people don’t believe in the idea that the profession is dead. It’s just that the landscape has changed.

The web design market has been changing drastically over the past five years. Even smart agencies have found a way to make their business grow. This includes contributing to open source projects and having a large referral pipeline. The good news for these designers is that the world of web design is far from dead! As a result, they can continue to earn a living and work with a great company. The experts who claim that it is dead don’t know what they are talking about.

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