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Mahlkonig Coffee Grinders

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mahlkonig usa you’re running a cafe, you have to put your best foot forward. That means the perfect roast, a top notch espresso machine, and, of course, a great grinder. A Mahlkonig is a professional grade coffee and espresso grinder that’s the choice of many discerning cafes, third wavers, and barista champions worldwide. Designed and engineered in Hamburg, Germany and made by hand (the name is literally translated to “mahlkoenig”), mahlkonig grinders are worlds apart from your dinky little blade grinder, delivering an even, consistent particle size for balanced extraction.

The X54 allround home grinder is Mahlkonig’s entry into the consumer market. Featuring a small footprint, programmable timed recipes and Wifi functionality, the X54 is built for aficionados that love pulling shots and brewing coffee. With a portafilter holder that’s unmistakably Mahlkonig, the X54 also features a pre-breaker and a knock off device to reduce residue and keep your grinder cleaner longer.

Barista’s Best Friend: The Mahlkönig Grinder Collection

With Portland Coffee Fest and Host Milan taking place over the past weekend, a flurry of new product releases were announced by the grinder industry titan, Mahlkonig. From a revamp of the classic EK43 to a new GbW add-on technology, Mahlkonig is on a roll.

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