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Metal Garden Edging System - Zume Life

Metal Garden Edging System

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We were creating tight diameters on-site with ease using FormBoss creates a clean, crisp, organized edge to the lawn and will keep grass from creeping into beds, pathways or driveways. It is also sturdier and more durable than other landscape edging options. In addition, it will not be damaged by lawn maintenance tools like mowers or weed eaters and it will not be susceptible to damage from frost heave. Metal landscape edging is also available in many different heights and thicknesses which can be set flush with the lawn or elevated for raised garden beds or walkways. It is also able to be shaped on site or pre-formed during manufacture to follow curves in the garden design.

Metal Garden Edging for Pathways and Walkways: Enhancing Safety and Aesthetics

The most common types of metal landscape edging are steel and aluminum. Both are able to be formed by hand to create the desired aesthetic. Steel edging will naturally rust over time and creates a patina look that can complement traditional cottage gardens as well as more formal garden designs. The rusting process also helps to protect the inner metal from further deterioration, ensuring the edging will last for many years.

Unlike other types of metal edging, which require the use of chemicals to prevent corrosion, steel products can be used with confidence in the garden. Each length of edging comes with straight joining plates and ground pegs which can be driven into the soil using a mallet. The pins can also be extended to provide added stability if the ground is soft. If a corner needs to be made, simply make a one inch slit in the edging strip and bend it into shape.

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