Passover Vacations

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Passover Vacations

Explore Passover Vacations the holiday stress of cleaning, shopping and cooking and escape to a fun & exciting resort. Choose from a wide variety of programs and locations offered by TotallyJewishTravel.

The location of the program is important to many people as it gives them a chance to visit a place that they have always wanted to see. It can also allow them to visit relatives who live near or far away. In addition some of the programs have special activities or features that make them stand out from others like a golf course, a spa or a pool.

Some of the programs offer Seder nights on site at the hotel. While this is not as traditional it allows those that are not comfortable with leaving their home to still enjoy a traditional Seder.

Escape to Freedom: Planning Your Ultimate Passover Vacation Experience

Aside from the Seder, other kosher meals are prepared on site by chefs and staff. The food is usually very good and a wide selection is available. Some of the programs have concerts by famous singers, mentalists and other entertainment that is included in the price of the trip.

Some of the programs will have activities and shiurim on site while others are held offsite in conference rooms or other venues. It is important to check the reviews of the program on various platforms as there may be complaints or negatives about the experience. It is also a good idea to look at photos of the facilities as well.

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