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The Importance of an Ozone Detector - Zume Life

The Importance of an Ozone Detector

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Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidizing gas used in a wide variety of industrial applications, water treatment, medical or viral sterilization and ground-level pollution monitoring. It also poses a respiratory hazard at concentrations greater than 100 ppb and can damage sensitive plant tissue at higher levels. An ozone detector is the best way to monitor ozone levels and prevent them from reaching toxic or dangerously high levels.

Why is it important to monitor the ozone layer?

An ozone meter is essential for water treatment facilities, photocopy centers, bars and restaurants, fumigation projects, indoor air quality systems and wherever ozone is exposed. It provides a reliable and inexpensive method for continuous monitoring of low levels of Ozone gas.

Our portable and fixed Ozone detector use electrochemical sensors or heated metal oxide semiconductor (HMOS) technology to detect O3 gas molecules. Ozone molecules interact with the sensor element through a redox reaction, causing a change in resistance that is converted into a linear electronic signal to indicate the ozone concentration. This measurement is the best and most accurate method for measuring ozone in the parts per million range.

Our ozone meters feature a multifunction LCD display that indicates the current ozone concentration, temperature and battery status. It is designed for easy operation, with an audible alarm and a 0-3 V analog output to feed data loggers or external alarm relay contacts. It is waterproof and shockproof, with a rugged carry case to protect it against accidental drops. It can be mounted as a permanent fixture in the ozone treatment room or taken to a job site for walk around analysis.

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