Types of Springs and Spring Manufacturers

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spring manufacturers

The different types of springs available in the market are made from different types of metals. Depending on the use, these types of springs are excellent in the marine, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Spring manufacturers are also involved in various other fields including electronics, furniture, and instruments. They even help to provide earthquake-proof foundations. Here are some of the most common types of springs available in the market. To find a spring manufacturer near you, check out the information provided below. More info

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There are several types of springs and their manufacturing process varies depending on their use and industry. IDC, a leading spring manufacturer, designs and manufactures mechanical springs for a variety of industries, including aerospace and telecommunications. This manufacturer specializes in the production of all types of springs and offers a variety of services. The company offers its customers a variety of products, including compression springs, extension springs, torsion and flat springs.

To make a coiled spring, the wire is first wound around a shaft. The process is called cold winding, and starts with the wire being room temperature. For thicker wire, the process involves heating the wire to increase its flexibility. Once the coil is formed, the wire is immediately plunged into oil to cool down. During the process, the wire is tempered to prevent it from becoming brittle and tearing apart during use.

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