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Z service - Zume Life

Z service

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The Zume Life Concept

Zume Life supports you as you follow through with you individual health regimen and wellness program. The Zume Life personal health management system enables you that have ongoing health activities (such as for chronic disease, weight loss, or treatment recovery) to draw inspiration and support from those in your personal support network, and helps you better track and adhere to your programs and regimens.

4R’s of Self-care

The Zume Life system helps you take more control role of your own well-being by connecting you and your caregivers through the “4R’s” of continuing self-care.

It helps you:
– REMEMBER to do various health-related activities
– RECORD these activities

It helps you and your caregivers:
– REVIEW on-going health patterns and the interrelationships among different activities
– RESPOND quickly to changes in health

The Four R's - Remember, Record, Review & Respond

Zuri & website

The Zume Life system has two key components: a mobile device “Zuri” that provides day-to-day Reminder and Record functionality, and a website that you and your caregivers can use to Review your health and make decisions on how best to Respond to the patterns you see.

Currently, Zuri is available as an application that runs on the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Other versions of Zuri will be available in the future.

Complementary to Existing Solutions

The Zume Life service is complementary to, and generally enhances the usefulness of, a variety of existing health products and services such as:
– Personal care solutions: pill boxes, glucometers, etc.
– Professional caregivers: doctors, dieticians, etc.
– Professional healthcare programs: weight loss programs, disease management programs, personal trainers, etc.